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Contractual & Transaction Law


The Walner Law Firm also offers its expertise and experience in the formation, interpretation, drafting, negotiation, and, if necessary, the litigation on contracts and other transactional instruments.

Contract law typically focuses on ensuring that people honor the commitments they make to others. It is also designed to guarantee that deals between people are fair and transparent. Generally, if someone who agrees to a contract is later unable or unwilling to keep his or her word, he or she is obligated to pay a penalty that may be monetary for failure to perform their legal duty. The Walner Law Firm believes the goal of a contract is to clearly lay out the rights and responsibilities of the parties while also allowing enough flexibility for life to happen, while taking into account industry standards and public policy; contracts should be drafted to avoid disputes. In the event a dispute arises, good contracts should clearly spell out what happens next and what should be expected.

The Walner Law Firm can assist in all facets of the contractual process. We can negotiate on your behalf to maximize the benefits you will receive, while mitigating foreseeable detriments the other side may insist upon. We can also draft sand finalize contracts for our clients, protecting our client’s interest, while understanding the applicable law and standards required to make such an agreement enforceable. If the unforeseeable happens in any contractual or transactional instrument, The Walner Law Firm have litigated countless breach of contract, as well as other issues that require potential judicial resolution.

The Walner Law Firm always puts the clients’ interests first.