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We are responsible for nearly $9 billion in damages and, either alone or linked with other law firms, have represented hundreds of thousands of clients.

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In its near fifty year existence, the Walner Law Firm, LLC, is responsible for nearly $9 billion in damages and, either alone or linked with other law firms, has represented hundreds of thousands of clients.

The Walner Law Firm, LLC have brought successful class actions, Whistleblower actions, and individual cases against some of the largest banks, corporations who manufacture, market and/or sell consumer or commercial goods, insurance companies, drug companies, telephone companies, utility companies, healthcare companies and union pension funds in the United States. They also brought successful cases against countless individuals and corporations around the country. The Walner Law firm has presented cases before the United States Supreme Court, the Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Ninth Circuit and District of Columbia Courts of Appeal, two Illinois Supreme Court cases and has also participated in cases filed in at least seventeen states.

The Walner Law Firm has expanded its expertise to represent clients in individual civil actions, contract formations, negotiations, consulting, and general litigation for reasonable hourly or flat fees. Along with our class and mass actions, complex tort law and Whistleblower actions, for contingent fees.

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The Walner Law Firm provides compassionate counseling and leadership to its clients, while, simultaneously, pursuing the client’s goals with unparalleled tenacity, strategy, intelligence, and expertise, to provide the best possible outcome. Here, the client’s needs, concerns and goals always come first.