The Walner Law Firm, Ltd. is currently investigating or looking at the following claims:

  1. Purchasers of or homeowners with outdoor pre-finished or pre coated wood, directly from a retailer or through a contractor doing some outside work, like a deck, fence, swing set , tree house or other prior to 2003.
  2. People having claims against mutual funds for various claims, inclusive of purchase of B shares or some of the trading and other improper cost items.
  3. Mortgage over-charges for pre-payment.
  4. Drive in Auto Insurance Damages, payment from own insurance company where the check offered was accepted but repairs were not made or where repairs were made but from insurances directed shop that omitted proper repairs.
  5. Fund Purchase claims
    a. No reduction in B-share Mutual Fund purchaser commission and costs for break points for purchases above 25K, 50K, 100K, or 250K.
    b. Deviation from stated investment criteria goals by hedge fund, mutual fund or money manager Variable Annuities purchased in IRA accounts.
  6. Debit cards overdrafts and penalties.
  7. Auto insurance under payment by own company for medical pay, total loss, improper or “betterment” deduction resulting from the depreciation of replaced part.
  8. Whistle Blower Claims.
    a. Overcharge to federal or local government.
    b. Underpayment to federal or local government.
    c. Price fixing
  9. IRA accounts and trust funds diminished by recommendation of risky stocks and funds by their broker.
  10. Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan or other brokers customers.
    a. Who suffered losses in Enron or other stocks resulting from Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan or other brokers aiding and abetting earnings inflation of Enron reported earnings
    b. Who purchased mutual fund shares without receiving commission reductions for purchases over 25K, 50K, 100K or 250K.
    c. Who were recommended purchases of variable annuities in IRA or pension fund.
    d. Who were advised to buy internet and technology stocks in IRA’s or pension funds for more than nominal amounts of personal assets.
  11. Hedge fund deviation from stated investment plan.
  12. Elder law violations or financial abuse.