The Walner law firm has been practicing class-action law for more than forty years. Uniquely, this is its only area of practice and expertise. The firm is headed by Lawrence Walner and Aaron Walner and is headquartered outside Chicago, Illinois. The firm’s reach is not limited to Illinois, however. Many of its cases have had national significance.

The firm has recovered nearly $7 billion in damages and, either alone or linked with other law firms, has represented thousands of clients.

The process
A class action is a journey not a sprint. Before a case reaches the court, there could be months or years of research and data collection. The rewards can be high, but the process can be slow and tedious. That’s what the Walner law firm is for – to provide the assistance, encouragement and professional support you will need to achieve the best chance of success.

What is the cost to you?
The class does not pay anything to bring a lawsuit. The attorneys “front” the costs of bringing the suit and are paid a contingency fee afterward. The attorneys receive no compensation unless and until the lawsuit is successful. These payments are subject to court approval.

Why not go it alone?
The class action approach ultimately is more efficient and cost effective. Your lawyer can fight harder because you represent perhaps hundreds or thousands of people who were similarly wronged. Economically, it doesn’t make sense to pay court costs and spend hundreds of hours of attorney time on a matter that is worth relatively little money. The same effort and expertise can produce much greater rewards for many more people.

What will you need to do.
The class representative has responsibilities beyond those expected of the rest of the class and is compensated accordingly. You may need to provide documentation. This could be paperwork, memos, emails, receipts, etc., that are relevant. You may have to give a deposition stating your knowledge of the facts and your experience. You will be guided through every step of the process by the attorneys of The Walner Law Firm.